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dream miku by junefeier dream miku :iconjunefeier:junefeier 3,261 193 Doom Bringer by MulberryDreamer Doom Bringer :iconmulberrydreamer:MulberryDreamer 35 16
The Ballot
It was a village like any other,
Farmers, Workers, Builders and such,
Nothing out of the ordinary,
Except a boy on a crutch.
But something was odd this day,
The boy was walking alone,
Going down the street,
But not to the place he called home.
In the distance he heard a small roar,
That gently kept going on,
Every second he inched closer,
It became louder and louder as it had since dawn.
In the street there were no children,
Scurrying and playing and such,
Nor were there any adults,
Only the boy on the crutch.
He walked by empty houses,
All of the doors were shut.
Inside his stomach was churning,
Like there was a knot in his gut.
He kept on moving to his destination,
With nowhere else to go,
Now the town square,
Was only within a stone throw.
The roar of the crowd faltered,
With each step that he grew near,
The sea of people parted,
They had waited for him to get here.
As he walked by he had heard murmurs,
A cold sweat began down his face,
The attention of the village upon him,
Began t
:iconcyranodebluefield:CyranoDeBluefield 4 6
'I love you,'
Tell me I'm too young
Tell me you don't feel the same
Tell me you love another
but I know it's just your game
Tell me you don't like me
But I know you really do
I know the word "love"
is too hard to say for you.
I know that when we touch
it sends tingles up your spine
I know that you love me
I know you want to be mine
If you can't say it, I understand
I already know, so don't deny
Some day we'll walk hand in hand
Say you don't love me, but I see it in your eyes.
:iconglitter-fade:glitter-fade 29 14
Mature content
Jump :icondemeanon:Demeanon 3 6
Mature content
We Stitch These Wounds Ch1. :iconrakkaus666:Rakkaus666 4 7
Commission - Anniepopokios 2 by xJex-Usagi Commission - Anniepopokios 2 :iconxjex-usagi:xJex-Usagi 5 2
The End
The End
"The death of us all shall be our fatal flaw~" The dark eyed boy said while walking down the hllway of white corridoors. He grinned evily, blood splattere don his clothes as though he had just gone swimming in it. This, though, was not unusuall for him and was actually apart of every day life. Only he could see how humanity was killing themsleves slowly, bit by bit, without even realizing the damage. He wondered how people could be so blind but didn't care to find out.
His laughter echoed as another gaurd tried to stop him from aproching his goal, but the boy simply pulled out his sword and sliced of this mans head. More blood splattered on his already drenched and soaked clothes as he just walked past the dead, headless man. If that man hadnt tried to stop him, then mybe he would have let him live... maybe.
What was this boys goal? He wanted one thing.
To end the world before the stupid, selfish humans had the chance to realize just how much they were killing eachother slowly.
:iconwolffrenzy:WolfFrenzy 5 10
Mature content
revolutions :iconinspiration-carousel:inspiration-carousel 2 2
I hear each altared word;
dipped in borrowed
thought, encumbered
as the candle's wick,
my vigil lights, unlit.
:icongnuboarder:GNUBoarder 99 28
Mature content
The Things We Do :icontennyxdraytin:TennyxDraytin 1 3
Tidus and Yuna
Tidus and Yuna.
Yuna stood alone, snow falling thick around her, under the solitary white tree in a land so barren. The thick, bear skinned cloak wrapped around her shoulders provided little warmth against the blistering ice-tinted wind. In her hand she clasped the thick, silver ring, a token from the man she loved and always would love.
"Where is he?" she whispered to herself in desperation.
Her eyes scanned across the bare horizon in the direction of Mino, searching for the figure she would recognise. He had been a long time, but she knew he would come. He had said he would come. Tidus would not break his word.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
"Tidus!" Yuna shouted over the bustling streets as she weaved her way through the crowds in the direction of her friend.
"Yuna," Tidus chuckled as she flew into his arms, "you've grown up!"
He returned the affectionate hug to his childhood friend.
"Let me look at you," he whispered as he held her out in front of him.
He admired the white linen dress wra
:icongiggsgal11:giggsgal11 48 12
Murdering Mary Sue
Murdering Mary Sue
Every aspiring writer has met her at least once, whether in his own works or in those of others. The alluring temptation of a perfect character taunts the author from one side while his muse urges him to keep writing from the other. Who wouldn't love her? She's the most beautiful, talented, fantastic woman in the universe, with not a flaw in sight. Every woman wants to be her; every man wants to marry her, so why would anyone want to kill her? Who would want to murder Mary Sue?
I would. I and many greater authors have been working hard to keep this succubus in her proper place: the trash can. Mary Sue is one of the worst enemies of good fiction, second only to poor spelling and grammar. And the seductress tempts even the most cautious writer. Her many disguises can make her difficult to spot, allowing her to weave her way into every plot twist and turn, slowly destroying the author's work. By the time she’s found, she may have done so much damage that the
:iconcei-ellem:Cei-Ellem 2,017 1,632
Kim Pine by xbooshbabyx Kim Pine :iconxbooshbabyx:xbooshbabyx 157 35 Commission for Charln 02. by inma Commission for Charln 02. :iconinma:inma 3,433 164
Mature content
Perfect :iconmosoul:Mosoul 3 0
An interesting variety of art that appealed to me. Check them out; maybe you'll find something you like.

Newest Deviations

Mature content
The Last Request :iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 2 5
What Science Thinks of as Small.
It all starts with a quark, just one letter off from quirk
With directions, charm and strange, we know slightly how they work.
Together, they make protons (and neutrons if you prefer)
One’s pretty positive; the other, no charges do occur.
Stick them with electrons; an atom’s what you’ll make.
(Though, make them really large and they’re liable to break.)
With these, the possibilities really do expand
Since they’re really much more numerous than all the grains of sand.
From molecules that lead to life, to stars far out in space
The universe has ways for even the small to find their place.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 5 12
Mature content
Mechanization:Prologue (Edited) :iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 2 4
What is sleep, but a void that stops our movement,
lets us take that time to slow down,
recover and recuperate?
To dream of worlds so close, yet far from our own
and wake up either fresh, ready to seize the light of day
or with our minds still drained from the day before
and stuck between life and death,  for a few moments.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 2 0
When I get home,
I drop my stuff,
Mumble a “hi”, or “hello”
And speed straight up to see her,again.
She’s been the best thing to happen to me.
I’ve learned much from her, like how to talk to a girl
Or that various cats can be quite hilarious.
She always has something new to show
Yet knows what I like, too.
She won’t judge
(except in some cases.)
With her, I can find friends,
Have the life I want to have so much,
Let the pressure only be the next level to beat,
And control a world at my fingertips.
Her, with her square nails that clack,
Has showed me that , really,
Reality is quite
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 2 2
A little about Christmas
Oh, Christmas, such a beautiful time
Cheering up all who are touched by its grace
All streets in decorations quite bright and sublime
And carols being sung all over the place.
Or maybe you're not into that stuff
Maybe preferring Nature's nice show
Seeing those flakes, for you, is enough
And few beat a Christmas covered in snow.
Family, too, is nice in this season
All in a house, quite warm and so jolly
Usually, a party's the reason
Or, maybe you're just alone with your Holly.
So, remember, if you feel a bit down
And need that something to get you some cheer
Just open your eyes and look all around
There's always something to help, and quite near.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 3 0
Mature content
A Gift. :iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 2 0
The writer's dream
I wish I could write.
Like Poe, who gave a terrible fright,
Or Snicket, whose villain was always in sight.
Maybe Rowling, whose young boy didn't die,
Or Fleming, who created the most famous spy.
Oh, how I wish that my skill was akin
To those whose great writing they spin
Could pull almost any  reader in
To worlds where most books are uselessly burned,
Or where the One Ring should be forgotten and spurned.
But, alas, it has not come to be
Since my writing is poor, as you already see-
A curse in which I might never break free.
And so I dream each day and each night
For the day I can write.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 3 3
Changing Love
When we were innocent, and cute and small
And we did not know many things at all
Girls dreamt of princes with true love's kiss
While boys thought of "cooties" as something to miss.
When we grew up, things weren't the same;
Love, to most of us, became like a game.
Girls still wished for the ideal girl or guy
(Though few made their love little more than a lie.)
And Guys used their eyes, instead of their head
Looking for ladies who like their legs spread.
Seeing this all, it might seem that true love
Could only be shown from the Big Guy up above.
But, all is not lost, for, even today,
There are those of us who don't follow that way.
The lady whose love is actually true
And the man who most always thinks of you.
So, for those who, in love, hasn't had much luck
Or think that the single life is where they are stuck:
Don't lose hope(unless mushy love's not your style);
You just have to keep looking( though it might take a while.)
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 7 6
A bout of Lunacy
Lovely, luminous locks set apart my love, yet I am
Cursed for it, for I must only see her in darkness and
None other dame can take my breath but her alone.
The lady, the ever-changing silver light of the dark.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 4 9
The Circus of the Moon
During one day a year, on a blue moon in June,
Out of the blue comes the Circus of the Moon.
Some call it a mirage, others call it a boon
If, somehow, they find the Circus of the Moon.
If you try to describe it, you'll sound like a loon.
Such is the strangeness of the Circus of the Moon.
The clowns wear nightcaps and float on a balloon
Such funny things are found in the Circus on the Moon.
You can  see strange beasts, like the Kalamazoon,
And the blue baboon in the Circus of the Moon.
And, don't miss the games ,where you are like a cartoon
You'll feel right at home in the Circus of the Moon.
You'll find so much fun that you're sad when it ends soon,
And you must say good bye to the Circus of the Moon
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 2 14
The Vastness of Love
We were once wonderful friends,
ing along planets and
r  i  d  i  n  g along comets,
playing among the stars.
Soon, the highlight of my days
was flying along the stars with you
for as long as I could...
and lamenting when we went back down to earth. time wore on,
the space between me and           you grew,
and you went beyond our star, beyond the Milky Way,
looking for yourself out in space...
while I was left back down on earth,
always wistfully looking at the night sky,
wishing on shooting stars that
I would be  with you on your journey.
Years later, you came back.
However, you looked so alien, so changed...
And I feared that you would forget me:
       old me.
But, inside, you were your wonderful, kind old self.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 8 23
Mature content
A Poem on Society :iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 10 21
The Price of Battle
The din of battle is finally silent;
The field of battle saturated with red blood
Flowing from countless streams.
You wander the makeshift graveyard, and
A familiar face appears, slowly plodding
Drops of blood trailing in her wake.
You rush as fast as your legs of lead can go
Hoping, pleading that she is not too far into death's door.
And, somehow, gently catch her as she faints.
You believe Death has already claimed her as his own
But, eyes faintly flutter open as she notices
The angel holding her as like a sleeping child.
Hoarse cries of "Medic!" pierce the dead air
While your heart is pierced with a thousand swords;
She breaths words to comfort you as she fades.
But the yells fall only on dead ears...
And so, she raises her head for one last kiss...
And gives her last breath to you to remember her by.
The field is, once more, as silent as the grave,
Save for muffled sobs by a broken man
Near a mound of dirt.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 7 44
A small cut...
My small hope runs dry
The blade opens red rivers
The pain, for now, hides.
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 13 19
"Help Me!"
The cry pierces the air;
You see no one there...But wait!
You see in the distance, a poor soul
on the floor;
p i e c e s  of a broken he/art,
scattered like broken glass,
tears marring a beautiful face.
You  run, run,run  as fast as the wind until.... SMACK!   You
You try to get the person's
attention by speaking,
waving your hands,
tapping the       wall,
but it gets no response.
You become frustrated,
banging your head on the   wall,
trying over and over to reach that soul,
    Who yearns for a
bit of
or love.
pray for a way to pass the   wall
but it falls on deaf ears.
In one last act of desperation, you
YELL at the top of your lungs,
But then... you hear
:iconthecriticofinnocence:TheCriticofInnocence 3 7
The writing that comes out of nowhere.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"Everybody needs a hand at some point or another, that's how life works. Just make sure you're ready to lend a hand yourself when your number comes up."-Amane Suzuha, Stein;s Gate

I'm just a crazy young man who likes to read or see good art or literature. I also do a bit of writing and acting on the side. Also, trying, somehow, to control the realm of molecules via chemistry.

I especially like "deviations" that pull at one's heartstrings, make you feel pain, love, hatred, confusion.

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Eclectic, though 8-bit and piano are pretty close.
Operating System:Mac/Windows

Status: doing research.
As a gamer, I might not have known the man as well as I should have, but I'll be damned if I don't at least make a little tribute to him.
You will be missed.
  • Listening to: Earthbound music
  • Reading: Hocus Pocus-Vonnegut
  • Watching: Haibane Renmei
  • Playing: Bioshock Infinite/maybe Earthbound
  • Eating: homecooked food
  • Drinking: water




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